Who is Cadillac Muzik?

Beseja "CaddyMack" Moses and Scott Campbell aka "DaddyDvill" are cousins that started heavily getting involved with music as kids.  Moses' uncle Jimmy Sampson was a superb Drummer, Vocalist, and Songwriter that was an actual member of the internationally known Ohio Players.   They went from popping and sliding in talent shows, free-styling in circles, and banging on tables in school, to becoming actual recording artists & producers.  They started their producing/songwriting careers in early 2003 rapping & writing music as teenagers with their cousins BigBody (Keith F), B-Snow (Richard P), HollyWood (EJ), & G (Garland W) in a native San Antonio rap group known as the Texas Hardknocks or THK.  They also released projects with their cousin Errol Campbell aka "Big E" in 2006/2007 with rap duo Big E & Lil Scott under 7 Cru Ent.  In 2010, the 2 decided to hook up with another producer/songwriter James Howard aka "J-Marz" to merge styles and form their own music collective aside of THK called Cadillac Muzik.  

Cadillac Muzik is no newbie to the music game and faithfully holding down the streets of Texas with block-burning projects.  Cadillac Muzik can easily be described as one of the brightest rays of independent Psychedelic Soul/Funk/Alt-Hip Hop & R&B from the sunny southern hemisphere of Texas and other meridional regions.  Cadillac Muzik's album "Lac Gospel" charted #12 on the Billboard Worldwide R&B Album Sales Chart, #56 on the Billboard Worldwide Hip Hop/R&B Chart, and #2 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.  Cadillac Muzik quickly followed up the next year with Groove Nation. The EP fared even better commercially than the preceding titles and hit several Billboard charts, including Heatseekers and Independent Albums.  They also charted #8 on the European Indie Top 200 Charts, and charted top 40 on the DRT National Airplay Top 150 Chart with their song "Mind Play."  They've opened up for other industry acts such as The Temptations, Cypress Hill, Lil Boosie, Z-RO, Magno, Chalie Boy, and Keke Wyatt.  The band explains how their uncles, fathers, and other male role models as kids were actual pimps, players, gangsters, hustlers, ex-ball players and pastors that drove Eldorados, Fleetwoods, and Devilles.  The band explains how they remember coming up around these types of role models in the streets of San Antonio Texas, and how it actually bestowed upon them the knowledge and wisdom to balance street life survival and corporate America.  Riding in an old school Cadillac was like taking a journey in a spaceship to the future or even out of space to another galaxy of wisdom and creativity.  It was a way of escaping the negativity in their environment.

"The music was played into us.  The funk and soul was all we had to listen to.  We would ride listening to UGK and Eightball & MJG.  The music was like our religion and educational system, since there was a lack of knowledge and education in our community and public school systems.  These artists were like our mentors and pastors back then.  It gave us a sense of balance and consciousness.  We as Cadillac Muzik want to make the music we love and reach the world in a positive way through our artistry, giving the people powerful and authentic music that inspires them to embrace their originality and individuality.  We want people to realize there is always a way out of their current negative circumstance, if they really dig deep into who they are, find themselves,  and put back into the person right next to them.  We believe the music is the source," the band also explains...

Cadillac Muzik's image, creativity, and artistry in general hasn't been seen in the music industry since the golden era of the 90s. Inspired by legendary artists/masterminds such as Ohio Players, Sly Stone, Funkadelic, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield, Willie Hutch, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Prince, UGK, Geto Boys, Too Short, DJ Quik, S.U.C, Grand Master Flash & Furious Five, A Tribe Called Quest, & Public Enemy.  Cadillac Muzik wants to follow this long line of greatness becoming a legendary band on their own with their own unique sound. The Texas band is what the music industry has been missing for years.  Offering originality, longevity, and creativity, Cadillac Muzik is more than music from the beginning to the end and they have proven that fact time and time again. With a growing fan base, every time they release a new project or hit the stage, Cadillac Muzik tears like a hurricane leaving a lasting impression everywhere.

"The best way to describe our style would be luxurious like a Cadillac. You don't have to put rims on a Cadillac, you can ride it ORIGINAL!"

-Cadillac Muzik